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DCDC has ambitious aims;

  • Maintaining, regenerating and improving the community’s physical, economic, social and cultural infrastructure.
  • Advancing arts, culture, heritage, sports, recreation, environmental improvement, social and economic wellbeing.

That's clearly a broad remit. The following projects are our current focus, with several more in the pipeline. We welcome suggestions at any time from the membership for new initiatives which would benefit the Dingwall community and fit with the company's range of charitable objectives. It is of course even more helpful when others volunteer alongside us to make more happen, faster. Please do get involved if you can.


Dingwall Heritage Trail - opened March 2023

image of posts for town trail baords being installed

Our first main project, to develop Dingwall Heritage Trail, has become a reality. A series of information boards at key historical sites around the town, linked into a fully accessible pedestrian trail using existing roads and footpaths, have been designed, produced and installed. After a lot of volunteer effort, the Trail launched on 25th March 2023. We are delighted to have got this one in the ground!

Dingwall Heritage Trail starts outside the old Post Office building, 40 High Street, where you will find a map and more information. Join Vidar Viking on a self guided walk around Dingwall town centre, which takes about 30 minutes.

View the Trail Online

Funding for the Trail has come from local organisations and businesses, and we look forward to continued community involvement and support as the trail and events around it develop.

Dingwall Allotments

image of rhubarb growing in a raised bed

Dingwall Community Development Company (DCDC) has been discussing Allotments with Dingwall Community Council and Highland Council's Community Food Growing Coordinator. We all think that providing allotments in Dingwall could be a great idea, enabling anyone living in the town to grow their own vegetables, fruit and flowers, to learn from other allotment holders and enjoy the benefits of being physically active in the open air. 

We have already met with some potential allotment holders, but are keen to hear from anyone else living in Dingwall who might like to have one. We have identified a piece of land which we think will be suitable, and the landowner is willing to lease the land for that purpose. If anyone is interested in joining us to develop the land and be part of a new and exciting project, please send an email to -

January 2024 update & Old River Road residents meeting - read more here: Proposed Dingwall Allotments & Community Garden

Dingwall 800

In 2026, Dingwall will have a VERY big birthday – having become a Royal Burgh in 1226.

We at DCDC feel we simply cannot let the town’s 800th birthday pass by un-noticed and uncelebrated. So, from now on, we are raising awareness that this milestone is coming. We aim to encourage the development of projects that focus on this event - by community, businesses, and local government, so that together we generate a collective impact and legacy.

By 2026, we want to be aware of numerous happenings and highlights which we can promote and showcase. We have capacity on our website to do this and will begin by listing what people are already starting to plan.

DCDC just don’t have the resource to plan and implement a big events programme, but that doesn’t mean that lots can’t happen.

What we aim to do is inspire, support, and assist any activity that celebrates what the town stands for – anyone with any idea that they can develop is welcome to run with it. It’s your town to celebrate, you are here at this time in Dingwall’s story.

Imagine if we reach 80 things to shout about in 2026 – one for every decade?

We hope that by encouraging community and business activity that inspires more love for where we live, that will also provide an impetus for local government to work on significant issues within their remit. For example, by 2026 can Dingwall Town Hall be the modern-day centrepiece of the town it should be?

The legacy of 2026 will be dependent on the activity that is inspired, and where those developing their own ideas choose to go with them. Can you be inspired to help dear old Dingwall bring in its 800th in true style?

What will you bring to the party?

St Clements Aisle

image of a old burial ground stone wall in state of decay

St Clements Aisle, dating from the early 16th century and the oldest building in Dingwall, is at real risk of being lost to neglect and decay. It is the last remaining fragment of the original St Clements Church and the burial place of many figures from Dingwall’s distinguished past. Work is needed to stabilise the structure and make it accessible again.

DCDC have recently obtain funding from Highland Council, whose stewardship the churchyard is under, to have the worst of the overgrowth removed, so its current state can be assessed, and possible next steps to preserve it investigated.

Town House and Hall Redevelopment

We continue to believe that the single most effective means of rejuvenating the High Street would be to undertake a major redevelopment of the Town Hall/Town House/Museum complex, with the main entrance reopened on to the High Street itself. This would obviously be a long-term and highly expensive project, so in the meantime we are monitoring with interest the potential impact of other developments in these buildings, such as the work on the roof that Highland Council is currently doing, and the opening of the Newton Room which aims to encourage young people to take up science, technology and engineering careers.



To donate £3, text DINGWALL to 70450

Once you have enjoyed your walk and learning more about Dingwall, you can donate between £1 and £20 by text towards the maintenance and development of the Heritage Trail.

Text DINGWALL to 70450 to give £3.

To donate any other value, add the digit/s: e.g. DINGWALL5 gives £5, DINGWALL12, £12. We, along with over 5500 charities across the UK, trust DONR to collect donations securely.