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Vidar, the Trail's Viking mascot
Keep an eye out for our Viking mascot, Vidar!


This is a community project we are actively developing, setting up a series of information boards at key historical sites around the town, linking a fully accessible pedestrian trail using existing roads and footpaths. This is the virtual extension of the Trail, providing further in-depth information and media.

The Trail will ultimately have two sections, one through the town and one extending further through the countryside. At present, we only have the town stops ready for viewing. Please bear with us as we continue to develop this project.


Map of Dingwall Heritage Trail

This virtual version of the Trail follows the map, beginning at the 'Welcome Panel', then heading along the High Street to the Town House.  Following the Trail will then lead you further through Dingwall’s rich history, with information panels at key points along the route. Click on any of the pages below to get started with the virtual tour. While walking through the town, scan the QR code on any panel to access the virtual trail.

Walking the Town Trail should take about 30 minutes, the full Trail about an hour.  Whichever route you choose, the Trail will lead you back to our modern, yet historic, High Street, encouraging you to take some more time for quality Market Town shopping and hospitality. 

WC: The public toilets are marked on the map by the South Car Park.


begin virtual tour  download map (pdf)  use Google Maps

These panels were sponsored by local businesses. Our grateful thanks to:

To donate £3, text DINGWALL to 70450

Once you have enjoyed your walk and learning more about Dingwall, you can donate between £1 and £20 by text towards the maintenance and development of the Heritage Trail.

Text DINGWALL to 70450 to give £3.

To donate any other value, add the digit/s: e.g. DINGWALL5 gives £5, DINGWALL12, £12. We, along with over 5500 charities across the UK, trust DONR to collect donations securely.